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Does Cataract Surgery Hurt?

Cataracts are a common problem for many older adults. While they present significant concern as they worsen, cataracts are not a cause of blindness. As such, they do not require immediate treatment as soon as symptoms develop. Because patients are told they can choose to have cataract removal when they see fit, there is a […]

Reasons to See Your Ophthalmologist for a Glaucoma Screening

You may have heard of various eye diseases, such as glaucoma and cataracts but, in your mind, you thought you had time to take care of your eyes so these conditions wouldn’t occur. If you aren’t seeing your ophthalmologist regularly, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Glaucoma is one of the leading causes […]

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2021
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Your Cornea Decides if LASIK is Right for You

Throughout the past several years, millions of people have undergone the LASIK laser vision correction procedure. This popular procedure is performed about700,000 times a year. Because laser vision correction has a strong history of success, many people who are ready to toss their glasses or contact lenses consider whether they are good candidates. One of […]

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The New Age of Technology Could be Detrimental to Your Eyes

We have become increasingly reliant on digital devices in recent years. In the last 12 months, this reliance has skyrocketed. With hundreds of thousands of people now working from home and millions of children taking online classes, we’re facing a whole new era in technology. In addition to our necessary computer use, we have also […]

Why Your Eyes May Need More Care this Winter

This winter is unlike any most people have lived through. Due to the novel coronavirus, we’re rethinking how to navigate day to day life. The last thing on our minds may be wondering why our eyes feel more irritated than usual. We understand that there are big issues to deal with this winter. At the […]

How We Address Cataracts in Both Eyes

Cataracts represent a common eye problem among older adults. When we look at statistics, we may conclude that it would be difficult to avoid developing this eye condition. Nearly half of adults aged 75 to 85 have cataracts in at least one eye. While cataracts can affect vision severely if not managed and treated in […]

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2020
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Why Your Eye Doctor Recommends Dilated Eye Exams

Eye exams are meant to evaluate how well we can see. We all need a good eye exam from time to time, right? Yes, and also there is more. Eye exams do screen a person to measure how they see at the time of their appointment. From year to year, this measurement can be followed […]

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2020
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Tips for Caring for Aging Eyes

Every part of the body ages and, although we know this, there are certain aspects of aging the tend to get more attention than others. We are all for aging gracefully in every possible way. As your eye care specialist, Dr. Silverstein is particularly interested in helping you understand and minimize the risks you may […]

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2020
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Are Dermal Fillers the Answer to Younger-Looking Eyes?

Although the signs of aging affect every part of the body at some point, it is often the eye area that is first noticed. One reason this happens is that the skin of the upper and lower eyelids is very thin to begin with. Exposure to sunlight and the breakdown of collagen in the skin […]

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2020
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Are You In the Know About Cataracts?

Cataracts represent one of the most commonly treated eye conditions of our time. However, many people are unaware of the various important aspects of recognizing and treating cataracts. Here, explore what you might know about this eye disease so you can be better protected. You may know that cataracts cause vision to become cloudy. This […]

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2020
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