Want to Ring in the New Year with Brighter Eyes? Banish Dark Circles with Simple Treatment!

Dermal Fillers Chester, NJWe often talk about frustrating, age-related problems like frown lines and crow’s feet. These two issues affect nearly every person at some point. Dark circles, though? This problem is more choosey in who it affects. When dark circles do appear, they can present quite the challenge. Women may have an endless supply of cosmetics they have tried to reduce darkness. Men may feel they have no choice but to live with dark circles – and the frequent questions about their health and wellness.

Make no mistake; dark circles are not always an indication that you are sleep deprived or that you are less-than-healthy. They are a natural side-effect of having fair skin – or darker skin. Isn’t that interesting? The reason why both fair-skinned and darker-toned people could have dark circles is that the issue lies in the tear trough. In many cases, dark circles are the result of a combination of thin skin and thin, fat pads beneath the skin of the lower eyelids. Simple enough, and simple to fix.

Dermal Fillers to the Rescue

If you have been living with the confusion of dark undereye circles, you now have a way to resolve your frustration. Dermal fillers are commonly used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. These products are also used frequently to add shape and volume to the lips and cheeks. When we talk about the aging eyes, it is usually Botox that comes up in conversation. However, dermal fillers hold a lot of value for the person with dark circles and undereye puffiness.

Dermal fillers are products containing hyaluronic acid. This mild sugar acid is attractive to water molecules. When it draws them it, it traps them in place for several months. It is this hold that hyaluronic acid has on the water that plumps and smooths the skin. Treatment takes less than half an hour in most cases and immediately improves appearance.

Your eye doctor is aware of the best dermal fillers to use around the eyes. To learn more about treating undereye puffiness or dark circles, call our office in Chester, NY at 908-879-7297.

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