Why your Eyes may Hate 3D

3D viewingAs a child, you may have jumped at the opportunity to see a 3D film. What kid didn’t find special magic in Jaws 3-D or The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman! And the movie itself is only one of the treats of such an experience. Wearing those red and blue plastic shades was an entirely different indulgence; kind of a rite of passage for the average child. Those glasses were so special that many of us wore them long after we left the theater, or at least until we grew tired of the red and blue tinge given to our world.

The fascination with 3D entertainment has not ended. Kids of all ages still flock to see movies like Spy Kids or Shrek in 3 dimensions. But this fascination doesn’t hit everyone the same way. In fact, the images on the big screen don’t hit everyone’s eyes the same way – spectacles or not. If this happens to you, you may feel dizzy and slightly motion sick. Yuck!

It’s just not Natural

In case you didn’t know it, we’ll start by saying the eyes already observe reality in 3 dimensions. Our world is not flat; it is filled with varying sizes and shapes and depths. This is because the eyes work together to create an overlapping of two perspectives. To see how it works, just close one eye and look ahead of you. Now, look through the other eye. Two perspectives, one only slightly different than the other. This is the creation of binocular vision. The thing with 3D films is that they recreate this very thing that we’ve already got!

When 3D Goes Awry

A 3D film puts two overlapping scenarios onto the big screen. Your eyes can’t handle this, which is why you must wear those lovely polarized glasses; but there’s more. If your binocular vision, the way your eyes intersect, is not spot on, the recreation of 3D vision will not bode well for your brain. Hence, nausea and dizziness.

There is no harm in having the slightly inaccurate binocular vision; many people do! However, if your vision is not as crisp and clear as you would like it to be, there may be a need for corrective lenses. Get to know your eyes. Call 908-879-7297 to schedule an eye exam in our Chester eye clinic.




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