How to Manage Dry Eyes in the Wintertime

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The winter months can get pretty cold around here, but that may not be the worst of it. For optimal eye health, it is important that we also discuss how cold temperatures also bring dry air, and how dry air can cause or worsen dry eye syndrome.

Dry eyes are more than a slight frustration. When dry eye syndrome occurs, discomfort including grittiness, tearing, and burning can become out-and-out distressing. Prompt attention must be given to the eyes to prevent dryness from becoming an overwhelming problem. Here, we suggest a few easy steps that can be taken to quickly combat environmental dryness.

Action Steps for Wintertime Dry Eyes

  • Stay focused on hydration. The eyes are fed internally by the water content in the body. During the winter, when weather turns cold, we may not be as motivated to drink those eight glasses of water a day that are recommended. However, dehydration can occur quickly and cause lingering symptoms, including dry, irritated eyes and dry nasal passages that are susceptible to viral infection. Drink warm water with lemon or tea to provide the coziness and the hydration your body needs.
  • Hydrate the air. We can’t do much about the dry, cold air outside, but we can manage what we expose ourselves to inside. Whether in your home or office, the atmosphere may become parched due to indoor heating. A humidifier can quickly restore moisture in the air – and to your eyes.
  • Apply a warm compress. This strategy can feel necessary and pampering at the same time. A warm compress administers gentle heat as well as slight moisture. The combination can quickly reduce the irritation and burning that develops when the eyes lack lubrication.
  • Keep eye drops nearby. In a pinch, people with dry eye syndrome or even seasonal dry eyes can obtain fast relief by inserting a few eye drops. It is important to talk with your eye doctor about which drops are right for you. In some instances, prescription drops are needed.

Your Chester, NJ eye doctor can help you sail through winter comfortably. Learn more about treatments for dry eyes at 908.879.7297.

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