Our Use of Digital Devices Needs Attention

Eye Exams Chester, NJDigital devices are the norm in today’s society. We’ve become so accustomed to using computers and cell phones, in fact, that we may easily overlook the effect that our devices have on our general eye health. According to statistics, approximately 90 percent of people experience eye strain related to digital devices. Studies have also suggested that our heavy usage of computers, tablets, and handheld devices is a contributing factor to vision problems in children. Clearly, we can’t completely avoid technology. What we can do is know what risks exist in our digital devices and take steps to reduce them.

Is There a Right Way to Use Digital Devices?

Eye strain can occur very quickly when using digital devices because the eyes are looking too close to center to observe the object not far from the face. Naturally, the structure of the eyes and surrounding muscles is designed for a field of vision about 20 feet in front of the face. To look at something as close as our usual screens, the muscles around the eyes must work hard to put the eyes in a somewhat unnatural position. Perhaps there is no way to use cell phones and other devices without any strain whatsoever. This is why it is necessary to:

  • Make sure there is no glare on the screen. When using a computer or screen for a longer period of time, glare is something that must be well-managed. Glare occurs when light from a window or indoor light source hits the screen, reducing the contrast that is needed to see well. A glare-reducing film can be applied to screens as an easy way to manage this problem.
  • Take the right kind of breaks. It is beneficial to blink often and close your eyes for a few seconds every now and then when working at a computer or using your cell phone. However, what your eyes want to do is look across the room. Doing this restores a natural balance between the eyes so the muscles around them can relax.
  • Attend to your vision. Eye exams provide the information you need to know if you could benefit from prescriptive lenses when using digital devices.

Is your computer or cell phone causing eye strain? Try these tips and schedule an eye exam in our Chester, NJ office, where we can get a clear picture of your visual health. Call 908.879.7297.

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