It’s Allergy Season, but that may not be What’s Irritating your Eyes!

eye allergiesGenerally speaking, the springtime is a season during which we look forward to more sunny days and warmer temperatures. If you’re one who tends to struggle with allergies, you may know of the springtime as the dreaded allergy season. If you experience persistent eye redness and itching during this time of year, you may quickly assume that the irritation is nothing more than allergies – even if you have never had allergies before. The truth is, there could be something more pressing at play.

Many people are surprised to learn that eye infection may masquerade as ocular allergies. The differences may be subtle, but they are important to notice. Without proper care, you may suffer longer than need be (there is never a need to suffer from eye irritation, in our opinion). Also, some eye infections can be easily passed to those with whom you come into contact. Let’s look at the similar symptoms of allergies and eye infection, then discuss how you can tell them apart.

Ocular allergies often cause the following symptoms:

  • Red eyes
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Exaggerated eye watering

These symptoms seem like telltale signs of allergies. However, they are also some of the most common indicators of eye infection. So how do you know that you may need medical care for your eyes? It may be easier than you think.

Eye infection may produce additional symptoms, including light sensitivity, eye pain, a feeling of grittiness, and, most telling, a heavy discharge that is significantly thicker than tears.

Can you Prevent Eye Infection?

Eye infections are quite a bit more uncomfortable than the average course of allergies. While some infections clear up on their own, and others can be treated with appropriate prescription medication, the best thing to do is not get an eye infection at all! This means doing what you can to keep bacteria and viruses from your eyes. According to research, the primary source of contact is your hands. That makes your job easy. Proper hand-washing in public places as well as at home or the routine use of hand sanitizer can go a long way in inhibiting the development of uncomfortable eye conditions.

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