Clearing Misperceptions about Laser Vision Correction

lasik Eye surgery | Chester NJ Millions of laser eye surgery procedures have been conducted since new technology became available years ago. Today, many people find freedom from eyeglasses or contact lenses thanks to procedures like LASIK. However, there are many more who hesitate to consult with their eye doctor about taking that leap into laser eye surgery. The primary reason we find that patients are apprehensive about this subject is that they believe myths about laser eye surgery that don’t accurately portray what is and is not possible. We will clear those up here.

  1. Anyone can have laser eye surgery.

This is a false assumption that may stem from the popularity of laser eye procedures. While it’s true that many people are fine candidates for laser treatment to correct vision, there are also situations that make laser treatment impossible. For example, some patients’ corneal thickness is insufficient to support laser reshaping. To ensure that a patient is a good candidate for laser eye surgery, Dr. Silverstein performs a detailed eye exam.

  1. Any eye doctor can successfully perform laser eye surgery.

This idea goes hand-in-hand with saving money. It is easy to assume that an eye clinic offering unbeatable prices on laser vision correction is a good deal. However, patients must understand what goes into planning and carrying out a successful laser procedure. Costs of care take into account the doctor’s training and experience performing the selected procedure. Also included are the critical pre- and post-surgical aspects of care such as a thorough eye exam to confirm candidacy. As you explore laser eye surgery, remember that your vision must be entrusted to an experienced professional. Ask questions that will help you choose the best doctor regardless of pricing.

  1. Laser eye surgery is a painful and long process.

We can understand why patients would assume that laser treatment that reshapes the cornea inside the eye is painful. This is an operation on the eyeball, after all. The good news is that procedures like LASIK are quite comfortable thanks to the use of topical anesthetic. Eye drops inserted before surgery numb the ocular surface so patients do not feel what is happening. After surgery, as well, patients are more comfortable than they tend to expect. A gritty sensation is generally the main side effect that is felt. Within a few days, the eyes feel normal and vision begins to clear. Complete results are usually reached within 2 weeks.

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