Is LASIK the Key to Better Vision Without Glasses?

LASIK Chester, NJThere is no way to argue the fact that corrective lenses, both contacts and eyeglasses, have merit. Without them, you might not be able to read the print on your computer or phone screen. Glasses or contacts may be the reason you can read street signs or make out the fine details of your loved ones’ faces. For these reasons, you appreciate your corrective eyewear. On those occasions when your glasses refuse to stay in place, or your contact lens slips to the side of your eye where it is difficult to reach, you may long for the days when your eyes saw clearly. It is instances like this that lead many people to consider LASIK.

Should You Consider LASIK?

Laser vision correction is a simple process that has worked for millions of people. If you have a desire to reduce your need for eyeglasses or contacts, you have sufficient reason to learn more about your treatment options. The percentage of LASIK patients who have regained excellent vision (20/25) is high, as is the degree of satisfaction among these individuals. This is an excellent track record, but you need more than statistics to know if LASIK may be right for you.

The LASIK Technique

Many people have heard of the LASIK procedure and know that it is a form of laser eye surgery. But just how does it work? It works by refining the structure of the eye that is responsible for the transfer of light. Let’s take a look.

Everything that we see comes down to light. The eyes take in rays of light, which travel through the lens and cornea through aqueous tissue to finally rest on the retina. The retina then hands light off to the optic nerve, which sends information to the brain. It is in the brain where light is transformed into recognizable images.

It is impossible for the brain to interpret light efficiently when rays do not land on the retina. Blurred images result from warped light rays, and it is often the cornea that is responsible for that warping. The reason that glasses and contacts clarify vision is because these corrective lenses are curved to send rays of light into the eye in a uniform manner. The LASIK procedure improves the path of light by reshaping the cornea itself.

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