Managing your Blepharoplasty Recovery

Blepharoplasty Chester, NJAt Silverstein Eye Center, we appreciate the opportunity we have to help our patients see clearly. It is also gratifying to see patients feel better about their appearance through procedures like dermal filler injections and blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is the common eyelid surgery that reduces the signs of aging, such as hooded upper eyelids or bags and dark circles under the eyes. With more men and women seeing this treatment, it is crucial that we provide accurate details of the surgery and what to expect. Here, we offer a few strategies for managing the short recovery period after blepharoplasty.


Blepharoplasty is a relatively conservative treatment that centers on the upper or lower eyelids. However, it is necessary to modify activities for about ten days. Mild discomfort may occur after eyelid surgery. Most patients describe the post-operative pain is minor and controllable with prescription medication. In many cases, patients can transition to over-the-counter pain medication within a few days of their procedure.

We typically recommend that patients plan for a full ten days of recovery before returning to work and other more strenuous activities. Reading and computer work may need to be significantly limited for several days due to the blurriness that may be noticed after eyelid surgery. Television and the use of digital devices may also be resumed slowly after a day or two of complete rest. Makeup may be worn after 7 to 10 days in most cases. Exercise may be resumed after two to three weeks.


It is important to expect a bit of sleep difficulty after blepharoplasty. This may relate to the need to sleep with your head slightly elevated for the first week or two after surgery. A foam wedge beneath pillows works well for some patients. Others stack two to three soft pillows for support.

Swelling and Bruising

The tissue around the eyes is extraordinarily delicate. Therefore, it is normal to expect swelling and bruising after blepharoplasty. The more extensive the procedure, the more prominent these side effects may be. Also, swelling and bruising may appear to worsen before they subside. This does not indicate a problem; it is the body’s standard mechanism of healing. Swelling fades a little each day and may be sufficiently resolved approximately three weeks after surgery. Cold compresses may be applied to manage swelling, bruising, and discomfort.

There are several advantages to blepharoplasty. To discover them, call 908-879-7297 and schedule a consultation in our Chester, NJ office.

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