Tips for Eye Comfort This Holiday Season

When wintertime comes, we eventually see a change in our outer world. Cooler temperatures also cause us to modify our inner environments (feeling grateful for central heat right about now). The changes that occur indoors and outdoors may not be seen as much as they are felt, but oh, how we feel them. Most of the time, we can appreciate the winter weather and cozy indoor spaces we create. However, there are also risks to these changes. Dry eye is one of them. Here, we provide some tips for maintaining eye comfort this season.

  • Don some glasses. Whether you’re all about the fashion accessories or not, you may greatly appreciate what a pair of glasses can do for you in the wintertime. When the sun is out, a pair of sunglasses works just fine. When it’s rainy and gloomy, try a pair of fashion lenses without a prescription. Why? Because these lenses create a barrier between your eyes and the dry air inside and outside.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We may have no problem remembering to drink lots of water when the weather is hot and muggy. But during the winter? Who wants a tall glass of cold water? The body does, that’s who. When we don’t drink our 64-plus recommended ounces a day, we dry out every part of the body, including the eyes. Drink up, friends! Try warm water with honey and lemon or yummy decaffeinated herbal teas.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. When the weather becomes excessively dry, the body can respond without a moment’s notice. The eyes may quickly go from dry and scratchy to water and blurry in response to a dry environment. To manage this situation, have lubricating eye drops nearby. Talk to your eye doctor about the best eye drops for you if you wear contact lenses or have an eye condition.
  • Give your eyes some pampering. In addition to eye drops, a warm, moist washcloth can be very soothing to irritated eyes. Studies suggest that a few minutes a day under a warm cloth can do wonders to facilitate adequate moisture in the eyes.
  • Blink! We don’t think about blinking because this is something the body does automatically, like breathing. However, because we don’t think about blinking, we also don’t notice when we’re not. When aren’t we blinking? When we’re looking at a computer screen or digital device. If you spend a lot of time on a computer or other electronics, remember to take a short break now and then. Don’t just take a break, blink. Blink a lot. Your eyes will thank you.

We are here to help you enjoy optimal eye health all year long. To schedule an eye exam or other services in our Chester, NJ office, call 908.879.7297.

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