Silverstein Eye to Provide Two Scholarships for West Morris Regional High School District Students: Applications Accepted until June, 30, 2015

Chester, NJ  – Ophthalmologist Dr. Niki Silverstein of Silverstein Eye of Chester, NJ announces that she will be awarding two $500 college scholarships, one to a boy and one to a girl in the West Morris Regional School District. The student must attend either West Morris Mendham or West Morris Central and be a 2015 graduating senior.

Each $500 scholarship will go to the students who most fit the criteria of the award, which is a well-rounded student who is interested in a healthcare-related field. There is no financial information required.

The application is available on the guidance websites of both high schools. You can also obtain the application electronically by requesting one be sent to you by emailing Maria at [email protected] or calling the office at 908-879-7297.  There is also an application below to print out. All completed applications must be sent by mail or dropped off at the office by July 25th.

Silverstein Eye is a complete ophthalmology practice serving the medical and surgical needs of the eye, from routine eye exams to surgery. Dr. Niki Silverstein has over 25 years providing medical and surgical care for the eyes. This is the second year the scholarship program has been run.  It is part of Silverstein Eye’s “Vision To Lead” Program, which seeks to provide information to the community and give back to the community. For questions call 908-879-7297. The website is and the Facebook page is SilversteinEye.


Silverstein Eye Scholarship

Application Guidelines and Criteria

Application Deadline: June 30, 2015



Silverstein Eye, owned by Niki Silverstein, MD, Board-Certified Ophthalmologist, 408 Main Street in Chester, NJ will provide two (2) $500 scholarships to a senior boy and senior girl in the West Morris Regional High School District. Only applicants who are pursuing a full program in an accredited institution of higher learning will be considered. Applications can be made at any time, but the recipient must have been accepted to a college at the time the award is given.


The awards will be given to the two students who most closely align with the ideals of the scholarship. Silverstein Eye is looking for applicants who are well-rounded students and will be pursuing a career in the medical or healthcare field. Criteria for selection include grades, interests and activities (including work if applicable) and an essay.






Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Name of parent or guardian: ______________________________________________________





Please attach a current transcript of grades.


Please have your school official sign below to confirm that this is the official school transcript.




PART 3:  ABOUT YOU                     Use the spaces below or attach a concise typed response.


Please list your high school activities, extracurricular activities and work experience:




Please tell us what your career goals are:






If you know what college you are attending, please list that. If not, please list those to which you have been applied and have been accepted. If you have not heard back from any yet please indicate so.














Please include a 1-2 page, double-spaced, typewritten essay on either of these questions:


Why do want a career in healthcare?

What do you think is the biggest healthcare challenge in the US today?


Please mail this completed form, including your essay and your transcript to:

Silverstein Eye, 408 Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930.




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